What We Do

We are a fine art photographic printing company. We produce high-quality drum scans and original digital pigment prints for artists, galleries, museums, and institutions in the Chicago region and throughout the world.

At Blackpoint we make this digital world work for the artist. That means unique, deep, and honest artistic communication with each client. This custom tailored method is costly on our end but is worth it for us and the artists we work for. In many ways, we at Blackpoint are learning from our clients (many of whom are master printmakers in their own right) while we provide them with an expanded tool-set to choose from, and our own uniquely qualified expertise in both seeing prints and in the facility of printing.

We prove to our clients why we are different from other print companies by treating each artist in a unique way tailored to their specific vision. After seven years of printing for artists from all walks of life, sitting back and spending the time to make it right pays off in the end. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations. We can still do the frantic twenty-four-hour rush jobs (artists will be artists) but in the long run, our approach strives to be one of consideration and thoughtfulness. We work with the artists.

Who We Are

Black Point Editions is owned and operated by Walker Blackwell and Nathan Baker with a combined digital imaging experience of over thirty years in the industry. Starting the company in 2004, Walker experimented with grayscale quad ink splitting and advanced CMYK RIPs. Later, Nathan Baker came in and raised the bar for high-end drum scanning in the city. Over time, we have moved to new studios, changed point-persons, expanded to 64″ wide printing, and evolved into a drum-scanning center for the midwest art world. The goal we had when we started the company has never changed: support the art and artist. Now, Walker Blackwell takes the helm to bring Black Point Editions to the next level.